Travel Like a Designer: Downtown Los Angeles


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Downtown LA is a faded diamond regaining its sparkle. It is reinvention in the most community minded, progressive way deserves recognition AND its own guide. Once a place nobody went to, DTLA is now a shining star in Southern California.

This 104-page guide mixes classic with contemporary and goes beyond conventional tourism. We take you to those thought-leading places that give hope and inspiration for a better tomorrow.

Highlights include the new cultural/arts hub, the Arts District, revived theatres in high Deco style as well as the new green architecture that is part of Los Angeles’ rebranding. We focus on walking to really get a ‘boots on the ground’ feel for the downtown. The tour is part learning, part stimulating and part indulgence. All in byte-sized, digital pieces to keep you engaged and on track.

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Travel Like a Designer: Downtown Los Angeles


Because we’ve had some really incredible opportunities on our travels and want to share what we’ve learned with others like us. We’ve finished the hard work (and fun) of sifting through massive amounts of information and distilled the best of our experiences to make it easy for you. We gathered suggestions from our extensive social network of creatives and adventurers, plus a few of our own mistakes, following (or straying from) pre-planned routes, and discovering incredible places on the fly.

These are practical itineraries combining the best of our travels with an acutely design-focused exploration. It’s the best in creative travel, without the squabbles that come with trip-planning or getting lost. Follow the full itineraries or just include some of our picks in your day because our destinations are organized into travel zones so you can easily plan transportation and discover your own fave spots.

The Guides are formatted to easily blend with your travel style. Download and store them on your smartphone or print out the pages you need. All digital versions have links to more information for diving deeper as the need or mood strikes you.

2 reviews for Travel Like a Designer: Downtown Los Angeles

  1. studiodo_yo7c6x (verified owner)

    “The guide is comprehensive and fun. It’s a docent in my pocket. I can imagine standing on the sidewalk and reading aloud to my travel companions. It provides a launch into discussions of design history and city planning and culture and art and why our public spaces are mirrors of our best and worst traits. I do like that this is something I can download and use when I don’t have roaming data–something I can access easily. The photography is absolutely smashing. I want to look at the images on their own so I can be inspired by them and see the unique photographic angles and then try to duplicate them for my own Instagram feed. Honestly, the pics just blew me away.”
    – Mithra Ballesteros, Mequon, Wisconsin.

  2. studiodo_yo7c6x (verified owner)

    “A great read- informative, not too much info, not too little. A nice balance. Enjoyed the “tid bits” to break it up a bit. It’s a well curated tour. LA is presented as a dynamic, visually and historically interesting urban environment and by the end I wanted to put it on my list of to do’s. The option to go deeper is excellent, that way you hold the reader’s attention. And, I love that the choices are kept to a minimum. We have too much choice in life and having a break from it is exactly what we all need!! Plus, your choices are right on for a designer/artist in my opinion. You take the notion of LA far beyond “ being a great big freeway “ Also something I enjoyed were the interesting side bits; unusual details, quotes (especially ones from JG Smith), hand drawings etc. They were my favourite. They break up all the information and they give it lots of character/personality. That’s how I felt when I was reading. It’s learning, it’s stimulating, it’s visually interesting…”
    -Leslie Sengara, Vancouver, BC

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