Cool Carry On Style: The Grown-Up Women’s Guide To Packing Light Using your Style Voice


Are you someone who struggles with packing anxiety and indecision? Do you often find yourself overwhelmed when it comes to selecting outfits for your travels? We understand how frustrating this can be, and that’s why we’ve created Cool Carry On Style: THE GROWN-UP WOMEN’S GUIDE TO PACKING LIGHT Using your STYLE VOICE.

I have experienced these same struggles, but through trial and error, we have discovered that packing light is about more than just throwing items into a bag. It’s about understanding your own unique Style Voice and using it to create a cohesive and versatile travel wardrobe.

With the Cool Carry On Style, I’ll guide you through the process of discovering your Style Voice and using it to curate a wardrobe that reflects your authentic self. Drawing on my architecturally inspired modern minimalist design process, I’ll show you how to edit and thoughtfully select a few interconnected pieces that will work together seamlessly.

The result? A confidently packed suitcase that is both stylish and functional, and that allows you to travel with ease and grace. So if you’re ready to beat your packing anxiety and express your Style Voice through your travel wardrobe, let the Cool Carry-On Style be your guide.

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75 pages of learning includes:

  • What is style?
  • Your Renaissance: Defining The New You
  • Defining How You Want To Feel?
  • How Designers Think and The Design Process
  • Finding Your Style Voice: Inspiration and Aesthetics
  • Using Your Style Voice: Planning and Strategy
  • Accessorize Your Carry-on Travel Wardrobe
  • Using Your Style Voice Cheat Sheet
  • Making Outfits With Your Style Voice
  • What Luggage and Bags to Take
  • Packing Checklist
  • The Essentials and the Extras Cheat Sheets
  • Fitness While Away
  • Be Camera Ready: Show Off Your Style Voice


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