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Presenting must-see places through design-oriented eyes.

We are Tina Dhillon and Graham Smith, registered architects from Canada, who, as creatives (and partners) have curated the best design and lifestyle tours to inspire you and rouse creativity.

Why have we put together these curated experiences?

We have had some incredible opportunities as a result of our travels. Basically, we have gone through the hard work of sifting through an overwhelming amount of information and have collected the best of our experiences to make it easy for you to enjoy a design tour in Los Angeles and Baja.

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Travel Like a Designer: Curated City Guides for the Visually Minded

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Our Travel Like a Designer guides were made by gathering suggestions from our extensive social network of creatives and adventurers, making a few of our own mistakes, following (and deviating from) pre-planned routes, and discovering incredible places on the fly.

These are practical itineraries that combine the best of our travels with an incredible design-focused experience. It’s the best in creative travel, without the squabbles that come with trip-planning.

Follow full itineraries or just include some of our picks in your day as our destinations are organized into travel zones so you can easily plan transportation and identify your own top spots.

Guides are formatted to easily blend with your travel style, download and store them in your smartphone or print out the pages you need.

Travel and design – curated by experts, experienced your way.

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A Modern
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