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I know that many of you are entering or fully embracing what society often calls the ‘Silver Years.’ You’ve raised families, built careers, and juggled countless responsibilities. Now, it’s YOUR time, and you might be feeling both excited and a little uncertain about this new chapter. Maybe you’re unsure about how to adapt your style to your evolving lifestyle, or perhaps you’re looking to reinvent yourself but don’t know where to start. You’re not alone, and the good news is, this period of your life offers a fantastic opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. I’ve been where you are, and I’ve navigated these waters successfully as a design professional with years of experience. I can guide you in this journey to confidently express your unique Style Voice, simplify your life, and embrace your prime years with grace and joy.”

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried EVERYTHING — from endless fashion magazines to confusing style apps — but you’re still stuck wearing the same ‘safe’ outfits, feeling like your clothes don’t truly reflect who you are now. You’re frustrated because you know you have so much more to express but don’t know how.

You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on fast fashion, trendy home décor, or beauty hacks that don’t seem to work for you at this stage in your life. You’ve got a closet full of clothes but “nothing to wear,” and your home doesn’t feel quite ‘you.’

You’ve read the blogs, watched the videos, and even followed influencers who promise the secret to timeless style and an effortlessly chic home. Yet, despite all the work you’ve put into curating your look and living spaces, you’re not seeing the results that resonate with who you are.

You’re skeptical about taking another course because you’ve been let down before. You’re at a point where you don’t just want more information; you want personalized guidance that understands your unique needs and aspirations at this stage in life.

You're not alone

You’re experiencing this problem because...

You’re experiencing this problem because society often overlooks the style needs and aspirations of women in their prime years. The market is saturated with trends and fast fashion that cater to younger audiences, leaving you feeling invisible or out of touch.

I faced the same struggle. As an architect and interior designer with years of experience, I realized that the principles that apply to creating beautiful spaces can also be applied to curating a personal style that evolves with you. I dug deep into my professional insights, combined them with my personal style journey, and won a national style competition. This journey led me to create a comprehensive approach that I call your ‘Style Voice.’ I live my Style Voice every day, and I’ve seen firsthand how transformative it can be—not just in how you look, but in how you feel and how you live.

You don’t have to navigate this journey alone or settle for a style that doesn’t resonate with who you truly are. Trust me, I’ve been there, and I’ve found a way through. I can help you do the same.

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you there was a better way?

What if I told you there’s a better way—a way to truly own your style without spending countless hours and dollars on fleeting trends that don’t resonate with you? Imagine waking up every morning with an undeniable sense of confidence, knowing that you can effortlessly express who you are through your style. You walk into a room and your presence speaks before you even say a word. Your style aligns seamlessly not only with your wardrobe but extends into your living spaces and even your workspace, giving you a cohesive, authentic life experience.

Picture this: You attend a high-profile event or simply go out for coffee, and people can’t help but ask where you got your sense of style. And you respond, not by pointing them to a designer label, but by telling them that it’s all about understanding your own ‘Style Voice.’

Imagine the sense of empowerment and freedom that comes from knowing you’ve finally mastered the art of self-expression, in a way that’s both timeless and unequivocally you. Your style evolves as you do, marking each new chapter in your life as an exciting opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

The secret? Style is entirely learnable. Once you understand and embrace your unique Style Voice, the possibilities are endless.

Your life before the course:

Your life after the course:



Unlock the life-changing power of discovering your unique Style Voice in your prime years. This course goes beyond the wardrobe, empowering you to live with authenticity, simplicity, and flair in every aspect of your life.


The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

This transformative course is about more than just surface-level aesthetics—it’s about learning how to channel your unique Style Voice into a lifestyle that’s authentically yours. The curriculum will guide you through the process of identifying your individual Style Voice and show you how to apply it to various aspects of your life, from your home and travel experiences to your day-to-day decisions and self-expression. By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools and understanding you need to live a more unified, fulfilling life, infused with your own personal style.

Module 1

Introduction to Course

Dive into the world of style with a welcome drink, meet your style-savvy instructor, and lay the foundation for a transformative experience. 

Tina Scarves

Module 2

Your Renaissance

Unveil the canvas of your life as you embark on a renaissance journey, learning the essence of personal reinvention and mastering the art of decision-making for your style and life. 

Module 3

Style and Self

Delve into the profound world of style and its resonance with self. This module guides you on a transformative journey, exploring the intricate dance between personal style, emotions, and the evolution of self-expression through life’s phases.

Female architect leaning over her drawing board as she works

Module 4

The Design Process

Step into the shoes of a designer, understanding the creative process from ideation to realization. Learn the value of strategic editing, curating with intention, and the art of personalizing solutions, ensuring your style journey remains ever-evolving and true to you.

Module 5

Flaunt Your Style Voice

Empower yourself to step into the limelight, confidently displaying your unique style. This module equips you with techniques to shine authentically, whether it’s through social media or in your day-to-day interactions, merging style with self-assured expression.

Module 6

Style Voice is Beyond Just Fashion

Broaden your horizons and witness the omnipresence of Style Voice, stretching beyond mere fashion. Understand its impact in various facets of life, from home decor to relationships, and harness its power to craft an authentic, harmonized lifestyle.

woman standing on balcony with the eiffel tower in the background. Showing her style

Module 7

Conclusions: Style Voice Mastery

Culminate your learning journey by mastering the essence of style voice. Revel in the alignment of self-expression, traveling light, and impeccable presentation, equipped with the tools to live an intentional, design-forward life.

trip planning. map on table with pen and drink. travel like a designer

Module 8

The Wrap Party

Celebrate the conclusion of this course but recognize it as the beginning of your ever-evolving style journey. Engage with a community of like-minded individuals, exploring further offerings from Silver Style and embracing the designer’s lens in every voyage you embark upon.

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The Bonus #3

Exclusive Community Access: Become a part of our vibrant community of style enthusiasts! Share your journey, celebrate your progress, and connect with individuals who share your passion for style.


The Bonus #4

Certificate of Completion: Upon finishing the course, receive a certificate to commemorate your style mastery. It’s not just a piece of paper; it’s a symbol of your dedication to living your most stylish life!

Plus, You'll also get

Beyond the Course: Tailored Support Just for You

Live Group Call

Live Group Call 

We will have an interactive Zoom session or two where you can connect with me and your fellow students live. These group calls offer a fantastic opportunity to delve into your questions, share experiences, and learn from a community of style enthusiasts. Benefit from real-time advice, support, and collective insights in these engaging sessions.

For personalized guidance, consider our One-on-One Sessions. These are available as an additional option for those seeking more in-depth, individualized engagement and mentoring.

Facebook Group

Exclusive Facebook Community Become a part of our exclusive community where you can continue the conversations beyond the course. Share your style evolution, get feedback from peers, and be the first to know about upcoming events, tips, and more. The power of community is undeniable; get the support and inspiration you need as you transform your style voice.


Workbook & Checklist

 Comprehensive Resources at Your Fingertips

Dive deeper into your style journey with our tailored suite of resources. Access an array of downloadable checklists and templates crafted to reinforce and apply every lesson you take. As you navigate through each module, our specially designed notes provide a quick recap, ensuring you stay on track. Empower your style transformation with resources that are not just informational but instrumental. Every step of the way, we’ve got you covered, making your style evolution seamless and memorable.

Add-On One-on-One Sessions with Tina

Everyone needs a little nudge or support on their journey to self-discovery, especially at transitional moments in life. Recognizing the importance of understanding and embracing your authentic self, our 40-minute one-on-one sessions offer a personalized space to refine and articulate your Style Voice. These optional, in-depth consultations provide expert guidance, helping you navigate the intricacies of your personal style and ensuring your fashion choices truly resonate with who you are.

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“Tina’s energy, curiosity, and confidence immediately drew me in. She effortlessly connects with people. Her style is an inspiration, and her ‘Silver Style on the Go’ course is a must for anyone seeking confidence and energy in their style choices.”

Mithra Ballesteros, The Bubble Joy Blog, Mequon, Wisconsin

“Tina’s course is a delightful, easily digestible experience. Her warm and inviting voice, quality graphics, and personal stories create a captivating learning journey. Bravo, Tina!”

Loren Paige Coaching, Chicago, Illinois

“Oh Tina, I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! Tina’s personality shines through with her videos, which make a big difference because I can see her expressions. Side note—I totally packed for who I want to be. When I do, I am super uncomfortable. Tina’s course is not just about style; it’s about embracing your true self and finding comfort in your own skin. Her engaging video content brings out her vibrant personality, making the learning experience even more enjoyable.”

Jamie Klecka, Interior Designer, North Muskegon, Michigan

“Tina is authentically Tina. She lives her life out loud, possesses an unfailing sense of her personal style, and excels at guiding everyone around her to live their best life. If you’re looking for someone worth listening to and learning from, Tina is your go-to source for embracing style and intentional living.”

Suzanne Carter-Huffman, Urban Designer, Vancouver, British Columbia

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Meet Your Guide

Hello, I'm Tina

Based in Vancouver, BC, I am a seasoned Architect and Interior Designer with a passion for intertwining design and personal expression. Throughout my extensive travels and professional experiences, I’ve harnessed the power of a unique Style Voice. My driving mission is “To inspire, support, and connect others so they may own who they are and be proud of what they own.” Through this journey, I’ve discovered profound insights about myself and the transformative role of style. My goal is to share this knowledge, enabling others to fully embrace their Silver Style.

As seen on:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when you purchase the course, you get lifetime access to all the course material. Moreover, as the course evolves and new updates are made, you’ll automatically receive those as well. We believe in continuously providing value, so you can always refer back and stay current with the latest insights and strategies.

Our Silver Style On The Go: Mastering Your Style Voice, stands apart in a sea of style programs for several reasons. At its core, it’s rooted in real-life experiences and professional expertise, developed by an Architect and Interior Designer with an undeniable zeal for style and intentional living. But what truly distinguishes our course is the carry-on metaphor. We believe in approaching style much like packing a carry-on: carefully selecting what genuinely resonates with you and letting go of the excess. This method underscores a philosophy of intentional living, which not only allows you to look good but also feel profoundly good.

In our silver years, it becomes crucial to simplify and hone in on what truly matters. Our course facilitates this journey of ‘simplification’ – making one’s life more straightforward yet richer in meaning. Instead of just providing fashion tips, we delve into the deeper connections between self-expression, personality, and style, ensuring it’s not just about appearances, but an authentic reflection of oneself.

Moreover, with tailored support, downloadable checklists, templates, and personalized feedback, such as the 30-minute analysis of your Pinterest Folder, we guarantee a learning experience that is both practical and transformative.

In essence, Silver Style On The Go, doesn’t just teach style, it promotes a lifestyle of intentionality and authenticity, especially tailored for our beautiful silver years

We are confident in the transformative potential of Silver Style On The Go: Mastering Your Style Voice, and its ability to provide immense value. We encourage all participants to fully engage with the content and complete the course to experience its benefits. If you’ve completed the program and genuinely feel it didn’t meet your expectations, please reach out to our support team within 30 days of completing the course. We’ll discuss your concerns and see if we can help to get you on your style journey. Our main goal is to ensure every participant has the tools they need to embrace their unique style journey.”


While we do not offer refunds, we value your satisfaction immensely. If you encounter any issues or are not pleased with your experience, please reach out to us. We’re committed to assisting you and ensuring you’re on the right track.

Please note, to be considered for any potential accommodations, clients must complete the course, finish the worksheets and other homework, and submit a Debrief from any of the strategies taught in Silver Style On The GO. All considerations and accommodations are at the discretion of Studio DO Architecture + Interiors.

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