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Traveling is inspiring. It is a great way to discover new ideas and gives you time to think in a completely new context. We open our eyes a little wider when we are in a new place. Imagine, four days of design and cultural exploration, surrounded by a group of fun, like-minded people.

Studio Do’s tours are made to offer an immersive and hands-on experience that combines design education and cultural exploration. Join like-minded professionals, creative entrepreneurs, and design enthusiasts on trips that will initiate creativity and provide new skills for your creative practice.

Tina Dhillon a registered architect, who, with creative partners leads the design and lifestyle tours. Who doesn’t need a little inspiration now and then? If you feel like being inspired with a group of like-minded and fun individuals, join us on our Design Tours. Click here for upcoming tours and workshops. We also do custom tours for self organized groups. We have one coming up to Pasadena, California based around a Rolling Stones concert. Click here for information on our self guided Curated City Guides.