Space planning is an art and skill that finds the perfect balance between aesthetics, comfort, and usability. Your project will be carefully developed and thoughtfully executed to optimize your space by creating beautiful and functional solutions.  Not only will this optimize the appearance and utility of your space – it will optimize its value to you, your family or prospective buyers.

A space plan is a scaled drawing of your room layouts and an essential first step to any home design, as it will give you a PLAN OF ACTION. It can have a very powerful impact on the success of a room. In a well-planned room the layout is carefully utilized and balanced so that your needs and the room’s functions are taken into consideration while addressing any difficult or problem areas.

Space planning allows us to organize rooms, furniture and functions so they work seamlessly together. Space planning considers who will be using the space and what they will be using it for. We analyze your rooms and look for ways to layout your furniture while looking for any opportunities to enhance your spaces. Based on your dimensions we prepare a floor plan, which allows us to place furniture to create ease of movement throughout the space while maintaining functionality and comfort.  We manage both scale and proportion to ensure we choose the right size furnishings, carpets, lighting and even art for your home.

Space Planning pricing is done once we have a clear idea of your needs.