MacKenzie Heights Residence (Under Construction)

This house started life as a conventional builder home but the owner, a bachelor with a distinct lifestyle ideas, wanted the interior to express his personal vision. So we approached his home as if it were a hipster loft with a blend of open concept living level offset with more intimate sub-spaces. To optimize the feeling of openness we made a virtually transparent main staircase using tempered glass walls and an ‘open tread’ design allowing light and views.

Our other strategy was to optimize visual clarity by using simple forms instead of fussy details. To achieve the owners casual ‘sports bar’ feel, a bar replete with large TV screen was placed between the living and family rooms. The TV/Bar elements were hidden behind elegant cabinetry that not only aligns visually with the parallel kitchen millwork but also allows a future conversion to a standard dining room. Other iconic elements, like the fireplace, were designed with a crisp modernist look in keeping with our ‘less is more’ design approach.

The result is a casual, light filled space that expresses our clients sense of fun and style.This house was a new build by and for the owner, our client, a bachelor, with many ideas. We collaborated to fit out his new pad. To this end, we designed a bar in the dining room, and worked to create discrete spaces within the large open main floor plan.