edesign Vancouver Kitchen/Dining Room


For this client we identified a 3 key issues; As a large, close multi-generational family their existing kitchen and dining rooms were too tight and divided for big informal gatherings. There was inadequate casual family space as evidenced by grandpa and grandson watching their favourite show from hard kitchen chairs.  Also the overall look was tired and needed a refreshing update to feel contemporary. All this had to be accomplished creatively but within a reasonable budget. So our first opening move was to take out the wall between the kitchen and dining areas. By re-orienting the kitchen table we made the kitchen more spacious and by relocating the stove, the enlarged kitchen island now had a clean, uncluttered look, set off by its new rich wood tone. To save costs we re-used the existing cabinets but modernized their appearance with the updated island colour and by removing the old Corian backsplash and replacing it with a cool contemporary tile. The overall effective was truly transformative and now feels like the stylish, warm and casual home our clients dreamed it could be.