Have a good eye for style and décor, but don’t know how to create a cohesive space? Or maybe you want to know what a professional would do in your situation. Or maybe you simply need a jump start on color and style inspiration for a new or current space.

This may be the option for you. Based on your input we prepare a vision board right down to a color scheme, furniture selection, lighting, décor elements that will pull together your vision. We will incorporate your special pieces that need to be considered with new fresh pieces of decor. We will also suggest which of your pieces may need to be passed on.

This option gives you a customized room concept in the form of a mood board, up one edit to make sure we get everything just right, a shopping list for the final mood board, a floor plan, and instructions for implementing the design decisions at the pace and budget of your choosing.

Our vision board design fees start at $500.

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