Sometimes, a consultation is all you need. Do you already have a vision of what you want and you just need an experienced professional to confirm your ideas and provide advice for moving forward on your own? Perhaps you need help selecting interior paint colors or deciding on a new living room layout. Or maybe, you need some advice on the merits of taking down walls to open up your living spaces.

All consultations done by Tina and Graham. Tina an Architect specializing in Architecture + Interiors and Graham specializing in Architecture + Green Sustainable Building. Two heads are better than one.

Think about it!

You get an hour of professional design consultation. We go over your needs, your space, and ideas that are ideal for you. You will get the professional guidance you need to make informed decisions for a successful project. We provide in-depth knowledge and the best strategies to enhance your home or office.

Or maybe you have a bigger project in mind. We can answer questions or you can forward us images and dimensions so we can understand your spaces and get to know you, your lifestyle, and your needs, and we provide the feedback you need to get your project started and guide you through the entire design process.

Our fee is $200 USD per hour, billed in 15-minute increments. Let’s get started here.